Chantelle Connelly shares first pictures of baby son Ricardo

The Geordie Shore star shared the images on social media after revealing that her son’s birth was ‘an absolute nightmare’.

Chantelle shared three adorable photos of a sleeping Ricardo on Instagram, writing: ‘My whole world. I’ve never felt love like it he’s my everything, life wouldn’t be worth living without him, he’s my heartbeat my happiness and everything more. Riccardo I love you unconditionally #mammyslittleboy’.

Her mum Allison announced the birth of her ‘beautiful grandson’ on 28th May, while Chantelle was still recovering from an emergency C-section.

While the new grandmother came in for criticism from some commentators, who said it wasn’t her place to announce the birth, she insisted that Chantelle had instructed her to: ‘announce the birth time and weight of our beautiful little baby as soon as we were told he was ok’.

Chantelle later confessed that her ‘nightmare’ birth had begun when her blood pressure dropped suddenly after her waters were broken, putting her and Ricardo in danger.

‘When I went to the hospital I was only 2cm dilated and they said they couldn’t give me an epidural until I was 4cm,’ she told The Sun. ‘I went back two hours later, crippled in agony with the pain and they decided to give me an epidural and break my waters.’

Terrifyingly, things then went from bad to worse. ‘The next thing, it just went pear shaped,’ she revealed. ‘My mum and partner, Lee, were like: “Chantelle, are you OK?”’

While all Chantelle can remember is feeling like she was going to sleep, because her mum is a nurse, she understood the seriousness of the situation.

‘My blood pressure had dropped to around 60,’ Chantelle explained. ‘My mum said I could have gone into cardiac arrest. That is what I was slipping into.’

Worryingly, the baby’s heartbeat was also ‘dead low’ which meant ‘they needed to get him out straight away’ and Chantelle was put to sleep while the doctors ‘raced’ to save him.

‘It was an emergency to get the baby out because he was deteriorating,’ she revealed. ‘It was just an absolute nightmare.’


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