Who is Guy Beam and why would he become a disrespectful doctor?His resume, income, occupation, wife, facts, news

Who is Guy Beam and why would he become a disrespectful doctor?His resume, income, occupation, wife, facts, news

Who is Guy Beam?

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV was born on March 10, 1982 in Encinitas, California, USA. He is a streaming media anchor and Internet celebrity. The most famous is that he has gained huge popularity on the streaming media site Twitch. The online alias is Doctor Disrespect, and he is famous for playing various battle royale video games. One of his most famous games includes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; he has about 3 million fans on the platform.

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Guy Beahm’s net worth

How rich is Guy Beam? As of the end of 2018, sources told us that the net worth was $3.5 million, which was accumulated through a successful streaming career, plus a considerable amount of personal appearances and sponsorships. As he continues to work hard, his wealth is expected to continue to increase.

The birth of the character

There is very little information about Guy’s childhood, his education, and how he became interested in games. As we all know, after graduating from high school, he studied at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. While there, he played basketball with the NCAA Division II team of the university. He originally created the Dr. Disrespect character in the Xbox game “Halo 2”, which allows players to use voice chat when they are close to each other. According to him, this gives him the opportunity to create a character that can support conversation because he is good at games.

Eventually, as online games became more and more popular, in 2010 he and his roommates began to publish content on the video-sharing site YouTube. He began to show the gameplay of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”, which made him a feature. On the game channel Machinima, he mainly produced “Call of Duty” videos. However, due to his lack of appeal in his online career, he decided to no longer be active on YouTube the following year.

Guy Beam

Return to the game

After Beahm became inactive as a content creator, he started working as a community manager at the backend of the gaming company Sledgehammer Games. Over the next five years, he will be promoted to level designer and help create a large number of multiplayer maps for the video game “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”. The video game development company he works for is a subsidiary of Activision, which has co-developed many “Call of Duty” games.

During the collaboration with Sledgehammer, he returned to the field of content creation, but this time to the streaming media that was just beginning to become popular at the time. He streamed live from Justin.tv and later became the streaming site Twitch. Realizing that he has gained a lot of fans and income through streaming, he decided to quit Sledgehammer in 2015 and focus on full-time streaming.

Streaming Media Business

Guy has received widespread attention for playing battle royale games, and around the same time he started broadcasting, the game also attracted a lot of people’s interest. He started playing the game “H1Z1”, but then turned to “The Player Unknown Battleground”, which helped to further increase his popularity. This game developed by PUBC was originally based on a module created by Brendan “Player Unknown” Greene, inspired by the movie “Battle Royale”. He played PUBG for several years, and later switched to Call of Duty after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, returning to his “Call of Duty” roots.

The main reason for his fame is that his character disrespects the Doctor, and he is described as “a super comic of how typical male gamers view themselves”. However, his fame has also brought some controversy. In 2017, he decided to suspend the live broadcast and focus on his relationship with his wife; he broke his character and admitted to cheating on her, rested for two months, and then did not miss a beat. The following year, his family moved because an unknown person shot his house and hit the upper window. According to him, this is the second time someone shot his house.

personal life

As far as his personal life is concerned, it is well known that Beam is married, although he has always insisted on protecting the privacy of his family. Although many people now know his true identity, he managed to keep information about his marriage and children confidential. As part of the now booming streaming media industry, he is known as an artist rather than a professional gamer. ESPN considers him a WWE character in the world of competitive gaming.

As far as his personality is concerned, he often wears sunglasses, participates in tactical events, wears a mullet wig, and many eye-catching slogans. He has a beard, which he calls “Slick Daddy” or “Poisonous Ethiopian Caterpillar”. He also claimed to have won the Blockbuster video game championship twice in 1993 and 1994. During his career, he has won multiple awards, including the Best Streaming Media Award in the E-sports Industry awarded to him in 2017. In the same year, he also won a game award for popular gamers.

What’s interesting is that various sources claim that he is 6 feet 8 inches tall, but he is obviously still hard to miss in shooting competitions.

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