How about Stephen Hawk’s wife, Mina Starsiak from Good Bones?Her resume, age, net worth, wedding, husband, son

How about Stephen Hawk’s wife, Mina Starsiak from Good Bones?Her resume, age, net worth, wedding, husband, son

Who is Mina Staciak?

In the past few years, Mina Starsiak has gained fame by traveling around the United States, restoring old houses and reselling them for profit. All of this was filmed by the camera and displayed in the new HGTV series “Good Bones”. In her efforts, she was not alone, because she was helped by the mother who accompanied her. In addition to “Good Bones”, Mina also appeared in other TV shows, but we will talk about it later.

So, do you want to know more about Mina, from her childhood to her recent career and her personal life? If so, please stay with us for a while as we will bring you closer to this outstanding real estate agent and TV personality.

Mina Starsiak Wiki: Age, Early Life, Parents and Education

She was born on November 26, 1987 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and is the daughter of former lawyers Karen Lane and Kathy Staciak. Her parents divorced when she was very young and later remarried, giving Mina several half-siblings; she now has seven siblings. After graduating from high school, Mina entered Indiana University to study business and sociology.

Mina Staciak

The beginning of a career

In 2007, Mina took over her first task; she was hired to renovate the house. With the help of her mother, the two completed the work. After a while, the two worked together again and this time established a famous company. As a “two chickens and one hammer” company. The two began to receive more offers, which all helped increase Mina’s popularity.

Rise to fame and “good bones”

In 2015, Mina launched social media for their company. After several successful projects, Mina received an invitation from the casting director of HGTV to start her own show. Mina accepted. “Good Bones” was released on the 22nd. It premiered in March 2016. Since their debut, Karen and Mina have both become stars of HGTV, and have already appeared in 37 episodes with great success. In addition to her own shows, Mina also starred in several other HGTV shows, including “Brother vs. Brother”, and after she quickly became a star, she also appeared as a guest on the “Today” show.

Mina Starsiak net worth

Since the beginning of her career, Mina has become quite successful, and most importantly, has become richer. Over the years, due to the popularity of the show “Good Bones” and many other successes, her wealth has increased to a large extent. So, have you ever wondered how rich Mina Starsiak is as of the beginning of 2019? According to authoritative sources, it is estimated that Stasiak’s net worth is as high as 350,000 US dollars, while her annual income is about 65,000 US dollars. There is no doubt that if she succeeds in continuing her career, her wealth will increase further in the coming years.

Mina Starsiak personal life, marriage, husband, children

When it comes to Mina’s personal life, she is very open in sharing details with fans. Since June 11, 2016, she has been married to Stephen Hawk (Stephen Hawk). Since then, the two have welcomed a son, Jack Richard Hawk (Jack Richard Hawk), who was married in August 2018. Born on the 9th. In addition, Mina is also the adopted mother and niece of her two-year-old child, Julie, and her biological mother and Mina’s sister have had a difficult time. This experience completely changed Mina’s life, and it was this that encouraged Mina to start her own family.

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Mina Staciak became famous online

Mina is very popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter, although she is no stranger to Facebook. You can find Mina on Instagram under the nickname “Two Chicks and a Hammer”. She has more than 115,000 followers-the page is for commercial use only, and her more personal page “MinaStarsiakHawk” has 100,000 A fan, Mina also shared photos of her newborn son and husband on this page. Mina is also very active on Twitter. She has more than 2,500 followers on Twitter. You can also find Mina on Facebook, but you can only find her on her “Two Chicks and a Hammer” page, where she is Has more than 50,000 fans on.

So if you are not yet a fan of this outstanding real estate agent, business woman and TV personality, then this is a great opportunity for you to become one of them, just jump to her official page and see what she wants to do next doing what.

Mina Starsiak height, weight and body measurements

Mina attracts people’s attention with her unique appearance; her face is covered with freckles, which many people find attractive. However, do you know how tall she is and how heavy is she? Well, Mina is 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is equal to 1.7 meters, but her weight has not yet been determined. Her vital statistics are still unknown, but we know that she has green eyes and light brown hair. Many people think she is a beauty.

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