Who is Frankie, the son of Gabriel Iglesias? Allen’s hairy stepson.His resume, age, net worth, family, girlfriend

Who is Frankie, the son of Gabriel Iglesias? Allen’s hairy stepson.His resume, age, net worth, family, girlfriend

Who is Frankie Iglesias?

Gabriel Iglesias became a star through his stand-up comedy routines, and through his acting skills, with his celebrity status, people around him also gained popularity. This includes his son, who is actually his stepson Frankie Iglesias. Frankie is the son of Claudia Valdez, and we don’t know the name of his biological father. He has not yet started his career and is currently only known as the stepson of the famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

Frankie Iglesias

So, do you want to know more about Frankie Iglesias, his early life, education and personal life? If so, please stay with us as we try to uncover the life and story of Frankie Iglesias.

Frankie Iglesias Wiki: Age, Early Life, Parents and Education

Frankie Iglesias was born on December 8, 1997, but his birthplace is still unknown; he is Claudia’s son, and once she starts dating Frankie, he Became his stepfather. His mother and Gabriel first met when Frankie was 11 years old, and soon accepted Gabriel’s image as a father. Over the years, they have established a strong bond and enjoyed the time together. Frankie now lives in Whittier with his mother and stepfather. He did not disclose where he went to school or whether he went to any universities.

Frankie Iglesias

Increase popularity and net worth

As Frankie grew up, his stepfather became more and more famous, which made both of them famous. Due to their good relationship, Frankie also became popular, because he was often in his sketches with his father. Recently, Gabriel shared a tweet saying that he was a matchmaker for his son and asked a girl to pick him up. This makes Frankie very popular, and there is no doubt that as he starts his career, his popularity will increase. Recently, he appeared on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, which also contributed to his popularity. Currently, he is still in school, which is his first concern. Do you know how rich Frankie Iglesias is as of the beginning of 2019? Well, according to authoritative estimates, Frankie Iglesias’ net worth is based on a gift from his parents, which is as high as $100,000.

Gabriel Iglesias, stepfather of Frankie Iglesias

Now that we have shared with you all that we know about Frankie, let us share some information about the person who adopted him and treat him as a son from the moment they met, Gabriel Ignatius Gabriel Iglesias (Gabriel Iglesias).

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias was born on July 15, 1976 in San Diego, California, USA. He is the youngest child of Jesus Iglesias and Ester P. Mendez. His father ran away and was raised by a single mother; of Mexican descent, Gabriel’s childhood was damaged by frequent moving. The family lived in Riverside, Corona, Baldwin Park, Compton and Santa Ana, and then they settled In District 8, a low-income residential area in Long Beach, California, and where he spent most of his childhood. In addition to moving frequently and growing up without a father, Gabriel had other problems in childhood, including obesity-he now weighs more than 200 pounds. Because of this, he got the nickname “Furry” and often said to himself that he is not fat, he is hairy-this is basically the basis of his success.

The beginning of a career

Before getting into the comedy field, Gabriel worked for a mobile phone company; however, this did not last long and he finally decided to try to become a comedian. At first he struggled financially, but he was kicked out of the house and lost his car. However, due to his hard work, all this has changed since the mid-2000s.

Gabriel Iglesias


His first success was when the comedy special “Hot” came out in 2007; the film was a huge success and encouraged Gabriel to continue his work. His next comedy special was released in 2009, “I am not fat…I am fluffy”. He also started his acting career and starred in many movies such as “Magic Mike” (2012), the 2013 sequel “Magic Mike XXL”, and 2014 “Furry Movie”. He also voiced characters in animated films such as “The Norms of the North” (2016), 2017’s “Starry Sky” and “Ferdinand”. Iglesias” is scheduled to premiere later this year.

Net worth and personal life

Gabriel has become one of the most successful comedians of Mexican descent, and his career has expanded in recent years. His success has increased his wealth, and there is no doubt that his net worth will continue to increase. So, have you ever wondered how rich Gabriel Iglesias is as of the beginning of 2019? According to estimates by authoritative sources, Iglesias’ net worth is as high as 30 million U.S. dollars, which is quite impressive, don’t you think?

Except for his adopted son Frankie, he has no children. His obesity has always been a problem-when the movie “Furry Movie” was released, Gabriel’s weight was 445 pounds or 202 kilograms. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and since then, he has successfully lost more than 100 pounds due to a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. He continues to take care of his lifestyle and is considering bariatric surgery to get rid of obesity once and for all.

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