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Wenger net worth

Arsene Wenger Net Worth: Arsene Wenger is a French football manager who has a net worth of $48 million. Arsene Wenger, born in Strasbourg, France on October 22, 1949, has been the manager of Premier League football club Arsenal since 1996 and is considered the club’s longest-serving manager, having won a major Most successful on the champion side. He grew up in Doutrenheim, France, where his father, who was also the manager of a local country team, introduced him to soccer (soccer). In 1971 Wenger extended his research to political science and economics. He went on to obtain a manager’s diploma in 1981 before joining Ligue 2 (then known as Division 2) as assistant manager. Over the years, he was known as a studious manager, nicknamed “Le Professeur” by fans and the British press. Known for his ability to spot young talent, he continues to focus on developing young talent rather than buying expensive, experienced players. Wenger uses psychometric tests every two years to determine a player’s mental fit for his team and encourages his players to work out their own problems. His relationship (and approach) with other managers was at times less than polite and interpreted by others as a “distrust” of other managers. In 2011, Wenger was even accused of misconduct by UEFA for making comments to referees. Wenger is married to former basketball player Anne Brosterhaus with whom he has a daughter. He appealed for privacy in 2010 after a British newspaper reported that he was having an affair with a French singer and said he wanted it to be handled privately.

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