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Wayne Carini net worth

Wayne Carini Net Worth: Wayne Carini is an American auto restorer who has a net worth of $20 million. Wayne Carini is a car enthusiast who became interested in cars when he first drove a 1960 Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB Ferrari at the age of nine. Since learning the art of Ferrari restoration from his mentor, Francois Sicard, Wayne has been the owner of three companies in Portland, Connecticut: F40 Motorsports and Continental Auto Ltd.

and Carini Carozzeria. While Carini never looked for a career on a reality show, the opportunity arose when the producer saw his name in a New York Times article, “Chasing Classic Cars” was born in 2008 . Season after season, the show followed Carini’s wheels and made deals across the country. While Carini never doubted his passion for classic cars, he said he came to do what he did almost by accident, as he started working for his father’s store in elementary school, sweeping floors for $5 a week, then going to University became a teacher, but ended up repeating his father’s mistakes in 1973. Carini is also keen to involve young people in the collection and restoration of vintage cars, saying on his website that he fears that without young people’s participation, he fears the art collection of cars will become extinct. Carini lives with her family in a log cabin in rural Connecticut. He is an ardent supporter of the autism cause, motivated by his own daughter being diagnosed at a very young age.

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