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Robert Crocker net worth

Robert Crocker Net Worth: Robert Crocker is an American businessman who has a net worth of $15 million. Robert Croak is best known for creating Silly Bandz. Croak is the head of BCP Imports, which owns the Silly Bandz brand. Silly Bandz are rubber bands made of silicone rubber that can be molded.

They are usually worn as bracelets. Croak discovered the bands while on a business trip to Japan, and he wanted to recreate them as toys and fashion accessories for kids. They were first sold online in 2008 and then in retail stores in 2009. Silly Bandz won the Best Design Award in a national competition in Japan in 2003. Croak has worked in the automotive industry as a salesman and as a financial manager. He bought his grandfather’s bar and opened other bars and restaurants. He also runs a concert promotion company. While competing, he was given a Livestrong bracelet, which got him thinking and eventually led to Silly Bandz. Robert admits that the Silly Bandz craze has slowed, and he continues to work on new products and business investments. He has since branched out into real estate, technology and fast casual pizza businesses.

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