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Rick Duffy net worth

Rock guitarist Rick Dufay has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Born in Paris, Dufay played for Aerosmith in the 80s, which contributed a lot to his net worth.
Dufay must have thought all his Christmases had come: he had a chance to join arguably (arguably) the most famous rock band Aerosmith. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came after resident guitarist Brad Whitford left the band in 1980. Dufay was highly recommended by band producer Jack Douglas. A solo artist prior to Aerosmith, Dufay released an album, Tender Loving Abuse (1980), produced by Douglas.

Dufay was the “stabilizing force” behind the band – and provided the band members with a shoulder to lean on. He was involved in the production of the band’s 1982 album “Rock in a Hard Place” and appeared in the music video “Lightning Strikes”. On VH1’s “Behind the Music,” Dufay admits that he helped Steven Tyler fight addition and depression. Additionally, Duffy helps Taylor reunite Whitford and Joe Perry. However, when Whitford returned in 1984, Dufay’s dream was shattered. Since Aerosmith, Dufay signed with Eurogram and recorded an album slated for release in 1989. The record label went out of business before the album was released. Thanks to advances in technology, the French rock fan can download the album “Written in the Stone” from his website. Dufay has been involved in a number of musical projects, including his founding of his own band The Rick Dufay Band and Blue, and a collaboration with Karen Lawrence back in the ’90s. After four years in blues, Dufay left to focus on his solo projects. Dufay is the father of actress Minka Kelly, who appeared in the movie Charlie’s Angles. Kelly followed in the footsteps of her grandfather (Duffy’s father) Richard Ney.

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