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Ralph Nader net worth

Ralph Nader Net Worth: Ralph Nader is an American politician and consumer activist who has a net worth of $6 million. His independent politics, true “maverick” status, and penchant for losing presidential bids are more noteworthy than his net worth. But his career isn’t just about politics – he makes a living as a lawyer, lecturer and writer.

He first rose to fame for his book critical of the automotive industry’s safety standards (or lack thereof), titled Unsafe at Any Speed. This book, along with Nader’s continued advocacy for stricter automotive safety standards, culminated in the unanimous passage of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966. It wasn’t without a fight, however — Nader had to sue GM for closely monitoring and attempting to blackmail him. Over the years, Ralph Nader went on to be a fighter for many other causes, including the environment, corporate corruption, false advertising and nuclear power. He has also started dozens of nonprofit organizations for many different reasons. Arguably, Ralph Nader is best known for his multiple runs for the presidency of the United States. He ran for the first time in 1972 and has been a regular for several years since.

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