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Pfizer net worth

Pfizer Net Worth: Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical company with a market value of $210 billion. Pfizer was originally a joint venture between two German-American relatives, Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart. In the mid-1840s, the two were cousins ​​who started a laboratory and business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, producing the antiparasitic drug santonin. Then they expanded into producing citric acid, and all of a sudden, they were up and running. Over the next 50 years, they expanded the facility several times, and by the turn of the century, the company had made millions in profits. They produced penicillin based on their own fermentation process during World War II, cementing their position as the most widely used pharmaceutical company. In the 1950s, Pfizer shifted its focus to research and development and has remained focused on these goals ever since. They have developed drugs such as oxytetracycline (antibiotic) Feldene (anti-inflammatory), Zoloft (antidepressant), Lipitor (lower cholesterol), Diflucan (antifungal) and Viagra (erectile dysfunction). The company now distributes medicines around the world, with Pfizer’s various products in Belgium, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, Iran and Mexico, among many other countries. The company, which currently employs 103,700 people, was still conducting some research at its Brooklyn lab until 2005. Administrative offices are located in Manhattan, and the main laboratory has been located in Groton, Connecticut since 1960.

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