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Lebanon Levy Net Worth

Lebanon Levy Net Worth: Lebanon Levy is an American reality TV personality who has a net worth of $200,000. Levi King Stoltzfus is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and lives in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Known for their simple life, modest dress and reluctance to embrace the many conveniences of modern technology, the Amish people call it “English.”

Levy of Lebanon is a member of the “Amish Mafia,” a group of four Amish people charged with protecting the region’s Amish community. He also serves as a judge and jury for Amish law within the community. He is also a member of the local fire department. He currently appears on the Discovery Channel series, Amish Mafia, following Levi and his “soldiers” within the Amish community. The show, which began airing in December 2012, ran for six episodes and is now in its third season. The plan has come under fire from Amish scholars. Additionally, many scenes are reenacted based on eyewitness accounts, but it is unclear which scenes are real and which are reenactments. That left many viewers and critics scratching their heads, who called the show irresponsible.

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