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Keithalburne Net Worth

Kesselburn Net Worth: Kesselburne is an American fisherman and reality TV star who has a net worth of $1.5 million.He earned his net worth as a commercial fisherman and his roles in documentaries/reality TV series deadliest catch. This Discovery Channel series documents Alaskan king crab and C.

opilio crab fishing season. The adventure takes place in the Bering Sea; the fishing boat is based in the Dutch Harbor Aleutian Harbor in Unalaska, Alaska. The show is named for the inherent risk of serious injury and even death associated with the sport. deadliest catch It premiered on the Discovery Channel on April 12, 2005, and is now in its tenth season; it can be seen in over 150 countries.unlike many of the fishermen depicted above deadliest catch, Keith Colburn was a first generation fisherman. In 1985, he discovered the error of the fishing lifestyle on a trip to Kodiak, Alaska, with friend Kurt Frankenberg. The pair started out as true newbies on the boat, Alaska Merchant, this is a 135ft crab/tender. In 1988, three years after arriving in Alaska, Colburn became a sailor on the ship. wizard, and by 1990 he moved from the deck of the ship to the wheelhouse where he was captain.Colburn bought his first fishing boat in 2002 – a 100-foot crab boat called siren. but continue to operate wizard. In 2004 he sold the fishing rights to siren In a government-run fleet reduction program (resulting in a reduction in the crabbing fleet from 250 to 80), the subsequent purchase of wizard This way he can ensure his presence in the crab industry. Today, he continues to be the captain and owner of one of the Bering Sea’s premier crab boats, wizard.

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