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Jarrett Joyce net worth

Jarrett Joyce, Net Worth: Jarrett Joyce, relatively new to the “uShipping” community, has a net worth of $200,000. At least part of his net worth is earned through his new job, which is bidding for contracts to ship unusual items to and from the country that traditional shipping lines wouldn’t touch.

How unusual is it? Here’s a brief list of some of the items Joyce has had to ship since he started the business: “A box of 40 kittens, a hot dog holder, someone’s ashes, and most recently a Civil War cannon. But shipping a box of kittens is far from Jarrett’s only hobby. He’s also an aspiring PGA golfer who plans his shipping schedule and routes around PGA qualifiers whenever possible. That’s certainly part of the appeal of the shipping business to Jarrett – Where else can you get paid to play in the PGA Qualifiers? The adventures of Jarrett and his shipper/rivals will be seen in the upcoming A&E reality TV series “Shipping Wars,” which showcases images like Various independent shippers like Jarrett bid on those unusual shipping contracts. Unless Joyce is on the PGA Tour soon, he may have to stick with shipping.

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