Here’s what Janet Jackson had to say about her plastic surgery

Here’s what Janet Jackson had to say about her plastic surgery

Janet Jackson has publicly stated that she has faced yo-yo dieting all her life, gaining 60 pounds at some point in the early 2000s.

By the end of the decade, she had lost all of that weight. However, fans have long speculated that the massive weight loss came not from sheer labor, but from plastic surgery cheating.

Janet Jackson’s shocking weight loss

Back in 2006, Jackson and Extra [via People] Part of the reason for her problems with her self-image and self-esteem is her weight. She confided to the outlet and admitted,

I can’t believe how old I am, how much I really weigh. I see myself in the mirror, but I don’t look often. I don’t want to get used to that picture.

She has struggled with body image her whole life, and seeing so much excess weight on herself in the mirror is nothing short of torture. So, she decided to take control.

Janet Jackson outraged at plastic surgery allegations

Jackson invested in everything necessary to lose the extra pounds. She developed a healthy diet and exercised regularly to lose weight. At this point, the change was so dramatic that people and tabloids alike speculated that it was surgically created. she vents,

It does drive me crazy because I work really hard and I think it’s really easy [the tabloids] write it as [plastic surgery].

She argued that people’s reactions did not cause harm. Still, it made her angry.

“It makes me angry,” she said, “I want to kick some [explitive]. “

Janet Jackson keeps talking about plastic surgery

Jackson also did not hide her history of plastic surgery. So far, she’s been pretty candid about her teenage plastic surgery.

When she was 16, she did some work on her nose. She elaborated,

Will I do it again? I have no idea. I’ve seen a lot of women pulled and snatched, not too cute.

While the actress has hit back at people who attribute her hard-earned looks to plastic surgery, speculation hasn’t stopped pouring in.

Plastic Surgery Rumors Continue

In an interaction with Mirror, experts at MYA Cosmetic Surgery concluded that she underwent an upper/lower face and neck lift. They argue that whoever performed the surgery must have hidden the cosmetic scars on her hairline and behind her ears.

They also advocate for rhinoplasty, commonly known as rhinoplasty. Not only that, but they also claimed that Jackson had anti-wrinkle injections, better known as Botox, in her forehead and around her eyes.

In the final paragraphs, speculation and reasoning are offered in an attempt to prove that Jackson has implanted dermal fillers in her cheeks to “reintroduce structure and volume to the cheekbones.”

In any event, Jackson has made it clear that he does not accept or respond to such speculative reports.

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