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Gregorio Perez net worth

Gregorio Perez Companc Net Worth: Gregorio Perez Companc is the richest man in Argentina with a net worth of $1.5 billion. Perez Companc, commonly known as “Don Gregorio” or “Goyo”, was born Jorge Gregorio Bazán in Buenos Aires in 1934. In 1945, he was adopted by local socialite Margarita Companc de Pérez Acuña, who enrolled him at La Salle University Preparatory School, which he left before graduation.

In 1964, Perez Companc married heiress Maria del Carmen “Munchi” Sundblad Beccar Varela. Four years after being a married man, he was appointed director of La Plata Bank, the largest private bank in the country at the time, after being acquired by his family. Much of his fortune, however, is as head of the Petrolera Perez Companc, an oil and gas conglomerate first established in 1946 by Gregorio’s adoptive father. He bought a controlling stake in Banco Río de la Plata from his siblings in 1993, and four years later sold his stake to Spanish banking giant Santander. Between 1990 and 1994, Petrolera Perez Companc expanded its domestic activities in the oil business, as well as in many other industries, by participating in the country’s privatization program initiated by President Carlos Menem. The company continued to grow and by 1996 had generated sales of $1.41 billion. Compancs also built up a fortune, and in 1998 invested in PC Holdings SA, a new public holding company. Later that year, the family bought a 68 percent stake in local food giant Molinos Río de la Plata, a diversified maker of pasta, flour and frozen vegetables. In December 2009, Perez withdrew from active participation in the business, leaving his entire stake in food giant Molinos Rio de la Plata to his seven children. On top of that, Perez is a devoted collector of used cars, reportedly paying over $9 million for a Ferrari.

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