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Debbie Rowe net worth

Debbie Rowe Net Worth: Debbie Rowe is an American nurse who has a net worth of $25 million. Debbie Rowe was born on December 6, 1958 in Spokane, Washington, best known for her marriage to pop star Michael Jackson, with whom they have two children.

Law met the late Michael Jackson while working as a nurse in Dr. Arnold Klein’s dermatology office, where Jackson was being treated for vitiligo. She recalled that after Jackson divorced Lisa Marie Presley in 1996, he was disturbed by the possibility that he might never become a father. Rowe, a big Jackson fan, proposed having his baby. Rowe’s pregnancy was announced in 1996, and the pair subsequently married in Sydney, Australia on November 14, 1996. This is Luo’s second marriage. Three months after Law and Jackson were married, she gave birth to a son, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (born February 13, 1997), later known as the Prince. The following year, Law gave birth to a daughter, Paris-Michael Catherine Jackson. (born April 3, 1998). Jackson took full responsibility for raising the children. The couple divorced on October 8, 1999, and Rowe gave Jackson full custody of the children. Rowe received an $8 million settlement and a house in Beverly Hills, California. Court documents show that she had signed a prenuptial agreement, making it impossible to divide community property equally under California law. In 2001, Law sought a private judge to end her parental rights to her two children, but in 2004 she went to court to ask for the verdict to be quashed after Jackson was charged with 10 counts of child abuse. Following Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, Law settled with the child’s guardian, Katherine Jackson, under which she was granted supervised visitation rights.

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