Count Alexandre de Lesseps Net Worth Wiki, Height, Biography, Wife, Children And Early Life

Count Alexandre de Lesseps Net Worth

Count Alexandre de Lesseps Net Worth: Count Alexandre de Lesseps is a French-born investment banker with a net worth of $50 million. This net worth was mainly built up due to the advantages he received from the developer of the Suez Canal, the famous architect Ferdinand de Lesseps. Ferdinand de Lesseps also worked to achieve a sea-level Panama Canal, but the project was marred by yellow fever and malaria. Alexandre de Lesseps is currently best known for being married to “Real Housewives of New York City” star LuAnn de Lesseps, with whom he has two children.

Back in 1938, de Lesseps sued the producers of the film Suez over what they believed to be inaccuracies in the production. Despite their divorce in 2009, LuAnn kept the name Alexandre, although “de Lesseps” may be difficult for some to spell and pronounce correctly. Alexander, who held the title of “Count”, was proud of his status as a European aristocrat, but it is unknown whether he used the word “Count” in social situations.

Alexandre de Lesseps was also an entrepreneur, investment banker and pioneer in microfinance in developing countries. He was previously President of Coral Capital Limited in London and Pandaw Investment Holdings in Hong Kong. He is Co-Founder and President of Blue Orchard Finance SA in Geneva, a leading microfinance management company. Count Alexandre de Lesseps was born on May 20, 1949 in Paris, France. He was educated at Northwestern University in Sultan, France and Chicago, IL.

Alexandre de Lesseps served in the French army and enrolled in the film department. He later became a TV film producer for TelFrance in Paris, Inter Tel in Munich and Tevetia in Switzerland. In 1984, he became CEO of Intertel USA Inc and Tanit Productions in Los Angeles. Alexandre de Lesseps founded the French personal care products manufacturer Les Laboratories de I’Atlantiques in 1986. He is also the president of that company. In the 1980s, due to increased interest in emerging markets, Alexandre became a manager of an Asian private equity fund. He later became a consultant to a fund management company in Hong Kong. Alexandre de Lesseps received the Fulbright Humanitarian Award in 2004.

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