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Christopher Poole net worth

Christopher Poole Net Worth: Christopher Poole is an American internet entrepreneur known for founding the website 4chan and has a net worth of $2.5 million. Born in New York City in 1988, Christopher Poole dropped out after several semesters at Virginia Commonwealth University. He initially started 4chan anonymously in 2003, using the pseudonym moot — always written in lowercase.

4chan is an English image board website. Users typically post anonymously, and the latest posts are displayed on top of other posts. 4chan is divided into sections with their own specific content and guidelines. Its boards were originally used for posting pictures and discussing manga and anime, as the site was modeled after Japanese image boards. Christopher Poole’s real name (previously known only as moot) was revealed in The Wall Street Journal on July 9, 2008. The media concluded that Christopher Poole was not a real name, but a veiled reference to a 4chan inside joke And, this may be an external possibility. The Washington Post agrees that “Christopher Poole” could be “a big hoax, a ‘trap’. That’s exactly what you’d expect from the creators of 4chan. In March 2009, TIME swore on the issue. Recused, raised controversy. Role on the 2009 Time 100 shortlist.

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