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Catalina fake net worth

Caterina Fake Net Worth: Caterina Fake is an internet entrepreneur who has a net worth of $25 million. Caterina Fake is probably best known for creating the photo-sharing site flickr. She also founded a company called Hunch, an ambitious online company that aims to map every Internet user’s preferences for every conceivable item.

It works a bit like Netflix, but it’s not just about movies — the user rates everything from books to lamps to sofas and everything in between, and the site predicts how he or she rates other things. One of her earliest jobs was as an art director at the popular website salon. Fakes are an integral part of Salon’s growth in social networking and online communities. After the salon, Fake founded the popular photo site Flickr with her then-husband Stewart Butterfield. At Flickr, she was once again an integral part of the site’s “Web 2.0” aspects, including social networking features such as “tags” now popular on sites like Facebook. It’s unclear what Caterina Fake’s next online venture will be, but if her past work is any indication, it could be quite special.

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