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Burt Sugarman net worth

Burt Sugarman Net Worth: Burt Sugarman is an American television producer who has a net worth of $100 million. This is his net worth with his wife Mary Hart. Burt Sugarman is a true legend in television entertainment. Sugarman is best known for his work as a television producer, and his name appears on the credits of shows dating back to the early 1970s. Some of his notable productions include The Richard Pryor Show, Midnight Special, Wizards of Odds, The Newlyweds Game and Celebrity Sweepstakes. He also brought his special brand of production ability to the film industry, earning producer accolades on films such as “Kiss Me Goodbye” and “Little God’s Son.” Most recently, Sugarman appeared in a TV commercial for a video collection titled The Midnight Special – Legendary Performances alongside Kenny Loggins and others. In his personal life, Sugarman is known for being married to TV host Mary Hart for over 30 years, with whom they have a son. Their son, Alec Jay “AJ” Sugarman, was born on Christmas Eve 1991. Before settling down with Mary Hart in 1989, Sugarman was a fanatic. His most famous conquest came in the 1960s, when he nearly married the legendary Ann-Margaret. Burt Sugarman may not be a household name, but anyone who appreciates ’70s TV should take a hard look at it. Bert and Mary are often seen at Los Angeles Dodgers games, sitting just behind home plate.

real estate assets: In 2013, Sugarman and Hart bought an apartment at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Los Angeles for $3.8 million. They sold the unit in 2018 for $6.7 million. Also in 2013, Sugarman-Harts sold an 11,000-square-foot home in Beverly Hills for $27 million. In 2015, they bought a two-story condo in West Hollywood for $8 million. In 2016, they paid $4.65 million for a second unit in the same building. They subsequently purchased at least two more units in the same building called Sierra Towers. They spent a total of $15 million on that location. In Montana, the couple has long maintained several properties. They sold a lakefront home there for $5.9 million in 2014. They also own two properties in the exclusive Yellowstone Club, one that was listed for $8 million in 2018 (but never sold), and a 160-acre ranch that was listed for $23 million in 2013 price to sell. In total, the real estate portfolio as we know it is worth at least $50 million.

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