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Bun E. Carlos Net Worth

Bun E. Carlos Net Worth: Bun E. Carlos is an American musician and drummer for Cheap Trick who has a net worth of $15 million. Bun E. Carlos was born Brad M. Carlson on June 12, 1950 in Venezuela and grew up in Rockford, Illinois. He is known by the stage name Bun E.

Carlos. He is the band’s lead arranger and archivist, maintaining the recordings of all the band’s performances, some of which are released under the name Bun E’s Bootlegs. Carlos has two side bands with former Cheap Trick bassist Jon Brant; Bun E Carlos Experience and Monday Night Band. On March 19, 2010, Cheap Trick released a statement saying that Carlos is not Cheap Trick’s current touring drummer, but that he is still a member of the band. Daxx, son of Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen, has been named touring drummer in a statement. Carlos previously suffered from back problems, and rehabilitation and treatment caused him to miss parts of some of the cheap tricks tours. However, Carlos has repeatedly said he is healthy. He also said he hadn’t heard from the band “in a few years” and “maybe we’ll kiss and reconcile”.

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