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Angie Hicks Net Worth

Angie Hicks Net Worth and Salary: Angie Hicks is an American internet entrepreneur who has a net worth of $190 million. Unlike many other celebrities, she didn’t earn her net worth by showing off on camera or having wealthy parents. No, Angie Hicks made a fortune the old-fashioned way, had a great idea, and a whole lot of luck. If you’re not familiar with her name, Angie Hicks is “Angie” in Angie’s List, a popular site that collects reviews of various service industry providers and hopes to be a “word of mouth” database for consumers to find information about possible contractor information. What sets Angie’s List apart from other review sites can be summed up in one word: exclusivity. Although like Yelp! And other review sites allow anonymous comments, Angie’s List only allows comments from paid subscribers, causing many quirky and biased commenters to be weeded out.

Hicks started the service in 1995 as she sought out reliable contractors for her friend, venture capitalist Bill Austell. The pair saw they had a great idea, so they moved to Columbus, Ohio, and started Angie’s List, which started out as a phone service rather than a website. From those humble beginnings, the organization has grown to over 1.5 million subscribers today. Angie’s list survived the dot-com bust in 2001 and plans to go public nearly 10 years later will almost certainly send Angie Hicks’ net worth soaring.

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