Why Davante Adams Unanimously Picks 2021 NFL All-Pro Team Makes Green Bay Packers More Likely to Get Franchise Tag

Why Davante Adams Unanimously Picks 2021 NFL All-Pro Team Makes Green Bay Packers More Likely to Get Franchise Tag

Only five players are considered unanimous selections for the 2020 NFL All-Pro. Of course, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams is one of those five.

This is well deserved. Adams has risen to the upper echelons of NFL superstardom, not just wide receiver.

Ironically, however, this option could make it more likely that he doesn’t end up with a long-term deal this offseason. In fact, it makes franchise labels a more viable solution for Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams is one of five unanimous NFL All-Pros

No. 17 Davant Adams of the Green Bay Packers runs with the ball to the Pittsburgh Steelers | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

That’s 100% deserved credit for Adams, but it’s really just the icing on the cake. Anyone who has watched Adams play this season knows he is without a doubt the most dominant receiver in the NFL. This just proves it on paper.

There’s a saying in Green Bay that Adams is the top two receivers in the NFL, and he’s not the second.

Los Angeles Rams foreigner Cooper Cooper, who is also the AP’s unanimous choice for the 2021 NFL All-Pro team, may have something to say about it, but Eyes That Don’t Lie in the Sky (movie) confirms Adams otherwise this season. Yes, Koop won the wide receiver triple crown, leading the league in receptions (145), yards (1947) and touchdowns (16), but Adams led the league with 123 receptions, 1553 yards and 11 touchdowns. Array followed. Not only did he play one game less than Koop, but defenses had no choice but to double-team him on nearly every possession, if not three-pack.

He’s by far the No. 1 target for Aaron Rodgers, and despite being the No. 1 focal point for every defensive coordinator, he comes up with the numbers.

Along with Adams and Koop, Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, Steelers passer TJ Watt and Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald are also consistent All-Pros.

Packers’ salary cap question brewing

Adams, who is in the final season of his trade with Green Bay, will become an unrestricted free agent in 2022. No doubt he hopes Green Bay will give him a long-term deal that would make him the highest-paid wide receiver in NFL history, but the Packers face some cap issues over the next few seasons.

The downside to being a Super Bowl contender is that you end up having to pay all the players who got you there, and in 2022 alone, there are some notable free agents. Adams highlighted the list, but the Packers definitely wanted to bring back linebacker Devon der Campbell. He’s arguably their best defensive player this season. Other notable free agents include tight end Robert Tonian Jr. and perimeter players Alan Lazard and Marquez Valdes-Scantlin.

With Josiah Deguara’s slight presence, Tonyan could be the casualty, but are the Packers willing to move on from a player who has 11 touchdowns in 2020 and clearly has Rodgers’ trust?

Lazard is another interesting case study. He’s an undrafted free agent that the Packers drafted out of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ practice class. However, he had the best regular season of his career in 2021 and became a staple of Green Bay’s offense, catching 40 passes for 513 yards and eight touchdowns.

This offseason, he’ll want to get what he’s worth to the Packers.

Looking ahead to 2023, unrestricted free agents include Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith, Adrian Amos, Elgton Jenkins and Jaire Alexander. All five of these players have been key to Green Bay’s success over the past few seasons.

Why Adams is more likely to get the franchise tag in 2022

Davant Adams of the Green Bay Packers at No. 17 after their game against Washington Football John Fisher/Getty Images

All in all, the Packers have a lot of good players who want to get paid. Still, being arguably the No. 1 player at both the quarterback and wide receiver positions makes that difficult.

Adams has made it clear in the past that his negotiations start at the top. He wants a higher salary than DeAndre Hopkins, who signed a two-year, $54 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals, $42.75 million of which is fully guaranteed. It can be argued that Adams deserved the money. The unanimous All-Pro option was the negotiating point he needed to point out.You can bet if the Packers have it and Can keep the rest of their core together and they’ll give it to him. That seems like a tough pill to swallow, though, especially with Rodgers making $46.4 million in 2022.

There has to be a price to pay, but the Packers do have one ace up their sleeves, and that’s the franchise tag.

Ian Rapoport reported in early January that the Packers will give Adams a franchise tag this offseason. In fact, according to his sources, he called it a possibility.

“The Packers gave Adams a franchise tag after the season before trying to reach a long-term contract,” he reported. “Based on Adams’ current salary, the franchise label is expected to be around $20 million.”

The franchise tag allows the Packers to save money in 2022 while excluding Adams from unrestricted free agency. That would buy Green Bay another season to count against its cap and hopefully lead to a long-term deal for Adams. The downside, at least for Adams, is that there are no guarantees beyond 2022. If he goes out and plays poorly, or worse, gets injured, he could end up losing a fortune.

It’s a risky move for the Packers, as they no doubt have some longstanding tensions with Rodgers this offseason to resolve. Possibly pissing off his friends and favorite target with the franchise label could make things very tense in Green Bay again.

Undoubtedly, consistent All-Pro selection makes this more likely. While that’s a huge honor for Adams, it’s also a huge chip in his back pocket.

From a purely commercial standpoint, the Packers could use the franchise tag to offset the bargaining chip.

Statistics provided by ESPN and Pro Football Reference.

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