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In Gods creation we believe & protect… During my morning walk, I encountered an American man struggling with his fishing line… Curiosity kicks in… Found myself taking over the line in support of Gods creation being freed from the agony of what us humans cause at times… This experience was such a touching moment … The joy we all witness seeing this beautiful turtle back into the sea was mesmerizing… One message: Just Do #Good, Be #Kind to All Gods #Creations!


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  1. تحية خاصة لكل شخص اجت عينة عل هذا التعليق عندي مقاطع فيديو مضحك حلم حياتي يكون عندي متابعين كتير عل صفحتي اتمنى من جميع يتابعني ويعملي فولو شوفو القاطع الفيديو

  2. @raghebalama we want to see you in Atlantic City tomorrow but tickets are sold out. The event wasn’t advertised:( I wish you mentioned it on your social media. I was so excited wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday:(


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