Who is game designer Scott Cawthon? How does he look?His resume: net worth, family, wife, house, facts

Who is game designer Scott Cawthon? How does he look?His resume: net worth, family, wife, house, facts

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Who is game designer Scott Cawthon?

Scott Cawthon was born in Salado, Texas, USA on July 26, 1971. He is known as a video game designer and developer. He created the “Five Nights of Freddie” series. In addition, his other outstanding projects include “Desolate Hope” and “The Wood Company of Chips and Sons”. In addition, he is also known for his animations such as “Christmas Journey” and “The Progress of Pilgrims”.

Scott Cawthon’s net worth and reputation rise

So, as of the beginning of 2018, how rich is Scott Cawthon? According to authoritative sources, the video game designer’s net worth is more than 60 million US dollars, which he has accumulated in his 16-year career in the above-mentioned fields. He rose to fame thanks to the franchise of “Freddy’s Five Nights”.


Although we are not familiar with the exact time when he started making animation, we know that it can be traced back to the 90s. In the live broadcast, Scott revealed that his first video game was called “Doofas” and was made when he was a child. However, his official video games dominated the market in the early 2000s, and the earliest one was called “RPG Max” and was released in 2002. Later he joined Hope Animation and continued to create games based on Christianity. Children’s animation. In March 2007, based on John Bunyan’s novel of the same name, he uploaded the first part of the “Progress of the Pilgrim” series to his YouTube channel. He continued to develop several video games, such as “Sit N Survive”, “Chipper and Son’s Lumber Co” and “Desolate Hope”, some of which were eventually submitted to Steam Favor Light. “Desperate Hope” has achieved considerable success. The others, most importantly the “Timber Company of Chips and Sons”, have been widely criticized by critics because their characters have animatronic actions.

This discouraged Cawthon, but then he decided to use animatronic characters in his upcoming game “Five Nights of Freddie”, which has achieved remarkable success worldwide. After completing the game development, Cawthon submitted it to IndieDB, where it was a huge success, and then he submitted it to Steam Favor Light and Desura in June and August 2014, respectively. By early August, the game was already available for purchase on Steam at a price of $4.99. In addition, it was played by well-known gamers in the YouTube community, which increased its popularity, so Scott continued to develop its subsequent games. The second and third parts of the game were successful. The fourth part of the game was released in July 2015 and an additional “Halloween” update was released on October 31 of the same year. With the success of the game, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that they will produce a movie version of the video game, with Roy Lee, David Katzenberg and Seth Graham-Smith serving as producers. This movie will be “crazy, scary, weirdly cute”.

As of December 2015, Scott released a trailer for his first novel, which was supposed to be published under the title “Five Nights of Freddy: The Untold Story”, but was later renamed “Friday Reddy’s Five Nights: Silver Eye”‘. The book was finally released on Amazon Kindle on December 17, and its paperback edition is also available for purchase. In June 2016, Scott announced that he would release two more novels in the same series, and stated that the second book will be released in 2017 and the third book will be released in 2018. In late May 2016, he released the trailer for the movie “Trailer” “Freddy’s Five Nights: Sister Location”, the clip contains a variety of animatronics, such as Foxy and Freddy. At the beginning of 2017, it was announced that the movie was postponed and he returned to its place. So in March of that year, Scott used his Twitter account to announce that the movie had found a new production company, Bloom House Productions. In July 2017, Scott stated that the sixth part of the game was postponed and added that it was because he had ignored important things in life, but still added that he did not intend to shelve it.

In August 2017, the first official guide for the game was released under the title “The Freddy Files”, which contained the game’s character profile, skills, theory, and Easter eggs. In December, Scott released the second official guide for the game. Unlike previous books, this book has a page specifically for physics writing. At the beginning of 2018, it was announced that Chris Columbus would serve as the director of the film and co-produce the film with Blum and Scott Cawthon. At about the same time, the third novel in the Freddie series was released under the title “Five Nights of Freddie: The Fourth Closet”. In general, his work paid off because his game series has won the world, including YouTube users such as PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and Markiplier.


In addition to being a game developer, Scott is also known for making Christian animations and more. His work in this field includes “Mushroom Story”, “Noah’s Ark: The Story of the Biblical Flood”, “Christmas Journey: About God-given Blessings”, “Christmas Symbols” and “Jesus Kids Club”. He is part of the Hope Animation, which produces animations on the same theme.

Private life and relationship status

Speaking of Scott’s love life, he is married, but did not reveal much information about his wife’s identity. The couple have three children and live in Salado, Texas. Speaking of his religious views, Scott is a Christian, and faith plays an important role in his life. He does not use any social media.

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