Who is Catherine Herridge of Fox News?Her resume: net worth, health, family, salary, husband, married, baby

Who is Catherine Herridge of Fox News?Her resume: net worth, health, family, salary, husband, married, baby

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Who is Catherine Herridge?

Catherine Herridge was born on May 18, 1964 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a broadcast journalist and writer, probably known for her work on the Fox News Channel, as the chief intelligence reporter. This actually means the number of Fox News programs, including information programs such as “U.S. News Room”, “Special Report by Brett Bayer” and “Fox News Sunday”.

Early life, family and education

Catherine grew up in Toronto, but more information about her early life is still not known to the public, including any siblings and parents, except for the fact that they participated in the military. Catherine obviously fell in love with journalism and grew up. After graduating from high school, she studied at Harvard University and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Then she entered the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to continue her studies and took home her master’s degree from there.

The beginning of a career

Soon after finishing her studies, Catherine’s dream came true. She joined ABC News to start her journalism career and was sent to London as a reporter. Catherine’s name gradually began to make sense to other reporters and Internet radio stations. When Fox News was founded, Catherine was recruited by the front desk. She also worked as a live reporter for the now-defunct Fox News magazine The Pulse for a period of time.


After joining Fox News, Catherine’s mission was to track and report on Hillary Clinton’s political efforts. She was responsible for reporting on her campaign activities during the 2000 Senate election and subsequent Democratic presidential elections. In addition, she also reported other notable incidents, such as the unfortunate sniper attack in Washington DC, the death of Princess Diana, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Benghazi attacks, as well as reports from countries such as Israel and Iraq. Her efforts were not without warning. She also won the World Bronze Medal from the National Press Club of the United States. In addition, she was promoted to the position of Chief Intelligence Reporter for Fox News Channel in 2012, and she has appeared countless times on Fox News since then, making her even more popular.

Sustained success

After her promotion, Catherine made contributions to popular Fox talk shows such as “Hannity” (2012-2016), “Fox Report” (2012-2016), “Kelly Archives” (2013-2017), and “Outnumbered”. 2014-2017), “Happening Now” (2012-2017), “Lou Dobbs Tonight” (2012-2017), “U.S. News Headquarters” (2017-2018) and “Special Report by Bret Baier”, giving her Insights, opinions, analysis and comments, and reports.

An accomplished author

In addition to her career as a journalist, Catherine also tried to be a writer. As early as 2011, she published the only non-fiction book so far “The Next Wave: Hunting Down Al-Qaeda’s American Recruits.” The sales of this book also increased her net worth. Her book describes her views on terrorism in the Middle East and the problems it causes in the region.

Do you know how rich the successful journalist Catherine Herridge is?

Catherine’s hard work has certainly paid off; from ABC reporter to Fox News chief intelligence officer, Catherine has made considerable progress, and as her career develops, her wealth has increased year by year. As early as 2010, she had a legal dispute with Fox News about a higher salary, and they later settled at a price of $100,000 per year. So, have you ever wondered how rich Catherine Herridge is as of mid-2018? According to estimates by authoritative sources, Herrich’s net worth is as high as 10 million U.S. dollars, which was earned through her active and successful career since the 1990s.

Catherine Herridge’s husband, marriage and children

Do you know Catherine’s private life? Well, she has been married to Air Force Lieutenant Colonel JD Hayes since March 13, 2004. However, the media often associate Catherine with her Fox News colleague Jeff Miller, and even report that he is her husband, which is obviously untrue. Catherine and her husband Jamie and Peter have two sons.

Family crisis

When her second son Peter was born, he was diagnosed with liver failure, called biliary atresia, which meant that a new liver was needed, otherwise he might die within a few months. After several weeks of unsuccessful searching for a liver donor, Catherine decided to take a battle cry-she told the doctor that she would donate part of her liver to Peter. Fortunately, the transplant operation went well, Peter is now fully grown up, his bodily functions have not been impaired, and everyone is smiling and playing with his brother Jamie.

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