Where is Kenneth Copeland today?His resume: net worth, house, books, first wife, ministries

Where is Kenneth Copeland today?His resume: net worth, house, books, first wife, ministries

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Who is Kenneth Copeland?

Kenneth Max Copeland (Kenneth Max Copeland) was born on December 6, 1936 in Lubbock, Texas, United States. Well known for part of the work of the sport. His message mainly included wealth and prosperity, and many other denominations criticized him for supporting him.

Kenneth Copeland’s Fortune

How rich is Kenneth Copeland? As of mid-2018, the source estimated that his net worth was US$307 million, which was mainly obtained through success in his ministry. Despite the success of his ministry, he also faced many controversies throughout his life. As he continues to work hard, his wealth is expected to continue to increase.

Life before ministry

Kenneth grew up in West Texas near the US Army Air Force Base-growing up there helped him develop his desire to become a pilot. Although little information is known about his youth, it is well known that he married Ivy Bodiford in 1955, but for a short time, they divorced three years later; they had a child together. In 1963, he continued to marry Gloria Neece, and the couple will have two children.

He first started his career as a recording artist signed with Empire Records. He has a top 40 hits on the bulletin board called “Vows of Love”, which stayed on the charts for 15 weeks and topped 15th. 17. He converted to Christianity in 1962 and dedicated his life to ministry. In 1967, he studied at the inter-denominational Oral Roberts University, and at the same time finally realized his dream of becoming a pilot, and then became the pilot and driver of Oral Roberts.

Kenneth Copland Ministries

Following the popularity of Copeland’s ministry, he then traveled to various parts of the United States to hold a three- to six-day convention. He also began to hold an annual meeting of believers in Fort Worth, Texas, near his hometown. It covers 33 acres and includes a church called Eagle Mountain International Church, recording and television production facilities, distribution facilities, warehouses, and Kenneth Coplan Airport.
Most of the events he presided over were broadcast live on his own website and broadcast on various Christian television stations, including Daystar Television Network and God Television. The main area of ​​his ministry is in the above-mentioned manor, where his family also lives. His airport is home to various aircraft, such as the Cessna 550 Citation Bravo donated for domestic flights in 1998 and the Cessna 750 Citation X for international travel in 2005. Owning private jets has aroused criticism from some people who said they were originally donated to or purchased for the ministry, but they have been used for personal holidays and friends. Copeland declined to provide any financial records to the public, but these records have been submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


In 2006, Kenneth Copeland Ministries tried to raise funds to fund a project called Angel Flight 44, which aims to support air rescue missions to Haiti. It took more than four years, and criticism began to roll in because the aircraft was never actually purchased, and the project did not do anything.

A spokesperson replied, “There are many problems with the structure of the aircraft. The episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” they were a guest also pointed out that the US$20 million aircraft they purchased used church funds, but they Still use it for personal holidays.

Another problem occurred in 2013, when Tarrant County reported about 20 confirmed cases of measles, which was attributed to Copeland Ministry’s firm belief in anti-vaccination, but the church later denied any statement and later urged vaccination, and The church itself provides free immunizations. The Copeland couple were also criticized for using sites marked as religious buildings as their homes, which allowed them to receive tax exemptions.

Where is Kenneth Copeland today?

Copland’s departments continue to hold meetings across the United States, but the number has decreased in recent years and the meeting time has also been shortened. The children of Copeland continue to be very active in the ministry and all three of them are still working for KCM. One of them traveled the country and preached at the gathering, and the other preached at the Eagle Mountain International Church of Pastor George Pearson. Television evangelists have been criticized for acquiring a luxurious lifestyle through their ministry.

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