The Details Behind Missy Elliott’s Health Problems and Weight Loss

The Details Behind Missy Elliott’s Health Problems and Weight Loss

Once the most prominent female name in the rap game, Missy Elliot hit rock bottom in the late 2000s. However, this is not all options. She fought on two fronts.

In 2008, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that disrupted her hormones and made her gain weight. After a long battle, Elliott found a solution to the two problems of diet and exercise.

Even for those who regularly follow hip-hop stars, seeing before and after photos of weight loss is bound to be surprising.

Miss Elliott’s struggle with weight loss

According to People magazine, the singer was diagnosed with a condition called “Graves’ disease” back in 2008, which manifests itself with a range of symptoms such as dizziness, throat lumps, mood swings, Hair loss, increased heart rate, and bulging eyes.

According to Healthline, Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder that directly affects the body’s thyroid function, causing inflammation of the thyroid gland. In response to this, the body tends to gain weight, among other symptoms.

Thankfully, she recovered from the disease, but not without radiation therapy and a series of medications. However, she told the media in 2011 that she was doing much better and started writing and producing for other artists while working on her own album.

She also publicly stated that she stopped taking the medication under the supervision of a doctor. At the time, she was managing her condition by losing weight through a proper diet and regular exercise. Still, she admits this is not the end of her illness. She added,

You will spend the rest of your life with it.

Missy Elliott shares her diet

On that note, Elliott revealed the changes she made to her diet in a May 2018 Instagram post. Aside from the diet regimen, the snapshots that accompany the post are surprising in their own right.

In the image, Elliott flaunted his slender figure in a colorful outfit, with a colorful shirt, jumper, pants and sneakers. Her curls were held back by hair ties and looked healthier than ever.

In the caption, she proudly announced that she gave up juice and soda four months ago and has been drinking only water. Sounds simple, but she claims she’s never been a “water drinker.”

She also had to give up bread forever. The songstress isn’t shy about admitting she’s having a hard time giving up bread. “God knows this is the hardest for me!” she noted.

Thanks to her persistence, she claims her skin has regained its radiance and no longer feels dull.

She is still trying to give up any form of junk food. She wishes she could cut these out of her diet. That way, her only “unhealthy” food is the two cupcakes she cheats on every month.

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