All About Adam Johnson and His Wife Doctor Susannah Johnson

All About Adam Johnson and His Wife Doctor Susannah Johnson

If you’re well aware of the riots at the U.S. Capitol when the Trump administration ends in 2021, the name Adam Johnson might be a wake-up call.

He was one of the most notorious figures in the riots and came into the limelight after being drawn into it. Not to mention, people are also keen to learn more about his wife, doctor Susannah Johnson.

Who is Adam Johnson’s wife Suzanne Johnson?

Adam’s wife, doctor Suzzane Johnson, also known as Beatty, currently works in Palmetto, Florida.

she is a New Southeast University School of Osteopathic Medicine Graduate student who completed his studies in 2008.

After her education, she accepted her Florida License as a doctor.At the same time, she also got AOA Family Physician Council Under Family Practice and Osteopathic Medicine.

With her expertise in family medicine, she has been American Osteopathic Association. In addition, Adam’s wife was affiliated with Largo Medical Center Indian Rock, located in Largo, Florida.

Suzanne and Adam are known to be the parents of their five children, which according to her Facebook page is currently unavailable.

While Adam’s wife was living a normal day-to-day life, Adam’s appearance at the U.S. Capitol riot brought the couple to the public eye overnight.

Why does Adam Johnson attract public attention?

While protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol in 2021 in support of Donald Trump, the incident was caught on camera.

The footage was filmed featuring Adam Johnson, who was seen taking the podium of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In the photo that went viral overnight, Adam smiled and waved as he took the podium.

Adam was spotted taking Nancy Pelosi’s podium during the US Capitol riot (Source: NBC News)

In another photo of the event, he is smiling and posing, pointing to a sign that says “No all tours”

As his photos circulated online, many who recognized him came forward, revealing his identity.

Police immediately proceeded to arrest Adam after identifying him. He was charged with trespassing in restricted areas of the Capitol and theft of government property.

After being arrested on two counts on January 8, 2021, Adam walked out of jail within days on a $25,000 bond and continued to be monitored while wearing a GPS tracker on his ankle.

Additionally, Adam Johnson, 36, was arrested on marijuana possession and probation charges prior to the U.S. Capitol incident.

Adam currently lives in his 4,000-square-foot Florida home with his wife and children.

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