Who is Kevin Levin wife?

Gwen Tennyson
Significant other Kevin Levin
Children Eunice / The Unimatrix (genetic copy)
Nationality American
Abilities Powers: Mana manipulation, detection and absorption Clairvoyance Magic Enhanced Durability Abilities: Expert Martial Artist Enhanced Intelligence Olympic level gymnastics Enhanced Agility

Similarly, Who is faster Fasttrack or XLR8? fasttrack has been said to be slower than XLR8, but he is stronger. XLR8 can run as fast as 500 mph. Jetray has been said to fly faster than the speed of sound, which is over 700 mph. And Astrodactyl isn’t even a speed alien, so Jetray is the fastest, XLR8 is the second fastest, and Fasttrack is the third.

Is Gwen older than Ben? No, they are cousins. Gwen Tennyson is Ben’s 10-year-old paternal cousin. She is fifteen years old in Ben 10: Alien Force and sixteen years old in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse.

in the same way, Who is the son of Ben 10?

Ben Tennyson

Benjamin Tennyson
Children Classic Continuity: Kenneth “Kenny” Tennyson (son; future) Gwendolyn Tennyson (daughter; future) 14 Offspring of Big Chill Reboot: Glitch (Omnitrix-created hybrid)
Nationality American

What kind of alien is Ghostfreak?

Species Ectonurite
Home World Anur Phaetos
Body Ghost
Powers and Abilities

Why was Jetray not in omniverse? The real reason Jetray didn’t appear in Omniverse has been officially confirmed after almost 6 years since the show ended: DJW simply didn’t know how he could’ve integrated Jetray into the Omniverse art style.

Who is Ben’s fastest alien? XLR8. With lightning-quick reflexes and the power to reach speeds of 500 mph, XLR8 is Ben’s fastest alien.

How old is Kevin in omniverse?

Kevin Levin

Kevin Ethan Levin
Species ½ Human ½ Osmosian
Age 11 (Ben 10 ) 12 (Omniverse) 16 (Alien Force ) 17 (Ultimate Alien and Omniverse)
Affiliations Argit (formerly) Charmcaster (formerly) Little Fish (friend)

Are there male Anodites?

Although only female Anodites have been seen, there “sort of” are male Anodites. Given the fact Verdona always hoped that her sons and grandsons would have inherited her Anodite powers further implies that male Anodites do in fact exist.

How old is Kevin in alien force? Although no explanation is given for his return from the Null Void or change in powers, Kevin Ethan Levin returns as a 16-year old teenager in Ben 10: Alien Force. He serves as Ben and Gwen Tennyson’s knowledgeable teammate, and the latter’s primary love interest.

What kind of alien is Wildmutt?

Species Vulpimancer
Home World Vulpin Null Void
Body Beast
Powers and Abilities

What is Ghostfreak real name? Zs’Skayr (pronounced Zuh-Scare), also known as Ghostfreak, is a major antagonist in the Ben 10 franchise. He is the Ectonurite High Ecto-Lord of Anur Phaetos and Anur Transyl Ectonurite.

What species is way big?

Way Big
Species To’Kustar
Home World Cosmic Storms
Body Giant Humanoid
Powers and Abilities

How tall is Big Chill? A: The unit is 69 15/16″ tall, 36″ wide and 31 1/4″ from front to back including handle. The total capacity of the unit is 19.86 cubic feet. Refrigerator capacity 13.3 cubic feet and freezer capacity is 6.56 cubic feet. For more information: bigchill.com/classic-fridge.aspx click on specifications and measurements.

Is fasttrack in omniverse? Trivia. Although Fasttrack did not appear in Omniverse, he was mentioned in Have I Got a Deal for You, The Ultimate Heist, and Breakpoint.

What species is humungousaur?

Species Vaxasaurian
Ultimate Form Ultimate Humungousaur
Accessible on Prototype Omnitrix (destroyed) Albedo’s Omnitrix (destroyed) Ultimatrix (destroyed) Alpha’s Ultimatrix (destroyed) Omnitrix Albedo’s stabilizer Biomnitrix Ultimatrix (Ben 10,000 Returns Future)

How fast is FastTrack? FastTrack again catches up before the missile explodes and he trips onto the ground. Mach 12, 9207.23 miles per hour. This is not only 11 times faster than XLR8 in the classic series, because he could only reach Mach 1, but it could mean that Fasttrack can get much faster as time goes on.

How strong is Clockwork? Clockwork has a degree of enhanced strength, as he was able to throw a pipe so hard it became heavily embedded into a wall. Clockwork is capable of reversing the effects of a Chronosapien Time Bomb using his time powers.

Who does Gwen Tennyson end up with?

Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin are one of the main couples in the franchise.

Who is Ken’s mother? Kenny Tennyson

Kenneth Tennyson
Name Kenneth Tennyson
Aliases Kenny
Relations Ben 10,000 (father), Kai Green (mother)
Base of Operations Ben 10,000’s Base

What species is kevin11?

Kevin Ethan Levin (otherwise known as Kevin 11) is either an Osmosian or an ordinary Human. He is commonly portrayed as either an enemy or an ally to Ben Tennyson.

How do I become Anodite? In order to unlock the spark to be able to become an Anodite (if you have Anodite heritage), is to awaken it by learning spells or practicing mana manipulation.

How long do Galvan’s live?

Lifespan. Galvan have an immense lifespan of thousands of years. This is exemplified when Azmuth, a Galvan of considerable age, says he expects to “only” live another 3,000 years.

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