Is Posey coming back?

Family always will come first for Buster Posey. It’s why he chose to opt out of the 2020 season, and it’s the main reason why on Thursday he announced his retirement from baseball after 12 legendary years as a Giant.

in addition Is Buster Posey still playing? Longtime San Francisco Giants star Buster Posey said the desire to spend more time with his family combined with the physical toll of playing catcher led him to retire Thursday following a 12-year MLB career. … He is the first catcher in MLB history to hit . 300 or better in his final year.

How old are Buster Posey’s twins? Posey said he, Kristen, and 8-year-old twins Lee and Addie were “overwhelmed with joy” over the latest additions to their family.

similarly How many Gold Gloves does Crawford have? Brandon Crawford wins Gold Glove

Crawford’s four Gold Gloves are tied with first baseman J.T. Snow for third-most in franchise history, trailing only center fielder Willie Mays (12) and left fielder Barry Bonds (5).

Is Buster Posey a Hall of Famer?

Posey is unique as a Hall of Fame catching candidate because of the high value of his offensive production, as measured by his 129 OPS+. There are only ten catchers in baseball history who delivered an OPS+ of over 125 while rapping at least 1,250 hits. It’s a list of 9 Hall of Famers and Buster Posey.

Where does Buster Posey rank all time? Posey, though, owns a 44.9 career WAR that ranks 16th-highest among catchers all-time and highest among catchers who were active in 2021, per

Is Buster Posey Hall of Famer? Posey made it official on Thursday. … That means he’ll make his first appearance on a Hall of Fame ballot — assuming he doesn’t get the competitive itch and make a comeback — in December 2026, five years after his last game (October 2021). He won’t even be 40 years old when he makes his debut on the class of 2027 ballot.

identically What happened Brandon Belt? First baseman Brandon Belt has a broken left thumb, an x-ray revealed Monday, according to The Athletic’s Andrew Baggarly. The Giants did not provide a timetable for his return. Belt suffered the injury when he squared around to bunt against the shift against Rockies lefty Lucas Gilbreath in the seventh inning Sunday.

Is Brandon Crawford married?

Personal life. Crawford married former UCLA gymnast Jalynne Dantzscher in Kona, Hawaii, on November 26, 2011. They have two daughters and two sons.

Also Will Barry Bonds make the Hall of Fame in 2022? The ballot for the 2022 BBWAA Baseball Hall of Fame class was released Monday.

2022 Hall of Fame ballot holdovers.

Player % ballots in 2021 Year on ballot
Curt Schilling 71.1 10th
Barry Bonds 61.8 10th
Roger Clemens 61.6 10th
Scott Rolen 52.9 5th

• Nov 22, 2021

Where does Buster Posey rank all-time?

Posey, though, owns a 44.9 career WAR that ranks 16th-highest among catchers all-time and highest among catchers who were active in 2021, per

How many Silver Sluggers does Buster Posey have? Posey won his fifth Silver Slugger Award on Thursday, getting honored as the best-hitting catcher in the National League. He is the fourth NL catcher to win five Silver Sluggers. The only player with more is Hall-of-Famer Mike Piazza, who won 10.

Who is better Posey or Molina?

Because of his longevity, Molina will top Posey in counting numbers, but there’s not a debate about which one you would have rather had hitting in the middle of your lineup at their peak. Not only was Posey an elite offensive catcher, but he was one of the best pure hitters in the sport at the height of his powers.

How many Gold Gloves does Buster Posey have?

Posey won the 2010 N.L. Rookie of the Year Award and the 2012 N.L. Most Valuable Player Award in a career in which he won a batting title, was named to seven All-Star teams, received four Silver Slugger awards and won one Gold Glove Award.

as a matter of fact Will Barry Bonds make the Hall of Fame in 2021? The 2021 class is empty. Entering the day, three individuals had received votes on more than 70 percent of the publicly available ballots: Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds. … This is the ninth time the BBWAA did not vote a player into the Hall of Fame.

How did belt break his thumb? Giants first baseman Brandon Belt sustained a fracture in his left thumb after he was hit by a pitch in Sunday’s win against the Rockies, San Francisco announced. Belt underwent X-rays on his thumb on Monday, an off day for the club.

Who is the leading home run hitter this year?

MLB Stat Leaders 2021

Home Runs HR
1 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. TOR 48
3 Shohei OhtaniLAA 46
4 Marcus SemienTOR 45
5 Fernando Tatis Jr.SD 42

given that, How old is Buster Posey? Posey’s decision caught many off guard, but in truth, the 34-year-old veteran entered this past season with an inkling that 2021 would be the final year of what was likely a Hall of Fame career.

Is Jimmy Rollins a Hall of Famer?

Rollins never grew to 6-5 or became the standard physically imposing slugger, but he grew into a skill set and mindset that made him one baseball’s best players during his peak. And now, nearly 15 years after winning NL MVP, he is part of the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the first time along with Ryan Howard.

Will Alex Rodriguez be in the Hall of Fame? Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz headline first-timers on 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz headline the 13 newcomers who will debut on a ballot of 30 names eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2022.

Is the MLB Hall of Fame open?

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For important information about visiting the Museum, please click here. … The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is open to the public 362 days a year, with extended hours from Memorial Day Weekend through the day before Labor Day.

What is FWAR baseball? Wins Above Replacement (WAR)

moreover Who has the most Gold Gloves as a catcher?

Iván Rodríguez has won the most Gold Gloves at catcher, with 13; all were won with the Texas Rangers or the Detroit Tigers (both American League teams), though Rodríguez has played in both leagues.

Who won Silver Slugger at catcher in the AL in consecutive seasons? Mike Piazza is the all-time leader in Silver Slugger Awards among catchers, winning ten consecutive from 1993 to 2002.

What is a Silver Slugger in baseball?

The Silver Slugger Award is awarded annually to the best offensive player at each position in both the American League and the National League, as determined by the coaches and managers of Major League Baseball. … Managers and coaches are not permitted to vote for players on their own team.

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