Dave Chappelle attack suspect charged with four misdemeanors

Dave Chappelle attack suspect charged with four misdemeanors – The Hollywood Reporter

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office filed four misdemeanor charges Thursday against suspect Isaiah Lee after the on-stage attack of comedian Dave Chappelle during his viewing at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday. This comes after the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced earlier in the day that it has refused to pursue felony charges.

City Attorney Mike Foer said his office has filed charges of battery, possession of a weapon with intent to assault, unauthorized access to a stage area during a performance and committing an act that delays an event or interferes with a performance.

“This alleged attack must have consequences,” Foer said, in part, in a video posted to his official Twitter account after the accusations were made.

Earlier today, the DA said it referred the case to the Los Angeles City District Attorney’s Office to consider possible misdemeanor charges. A management spokesperson said in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter. “The District Attorney’s Office does not prosecute misdemeanors within the City of Los Angeles.”

The attack occurred at approximately 10:40 p.m. as Chappelle was trying to leave the Hollywood Bowl theater upon completion of a set during the Netflix Is a Joke Comedy Festival. That was when 23-year-old Isaiah Lee rushed onto the podium and pushed Chappelle to the ground. The suspect was arrested by the venue’s security and eventually handed over to the Los Angeles Police Department. Lee was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $30,000 bail.

At the time of the attack, authorities said, Lee was carrying a replica of a pistol with a knife blade inside. Chappelle was not injured during the incident and is cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation.

Statement submitted to THR by Chappelle’s representative on Wednesday confirmed that the comedian will refuse to allow the incident to “overshadow” his appearance during the comedy festival.

“Chapelle’s Hollywood Bowl performances were epic and record-breaking, and he refuses to allow last night’s incident to overshadow the magic of this historic moment,” said actress Carla Sims. Dave Chappelle celebrated four nights of comedy and music, setting record sales for a comedian at the Hollywood Bowl. This race connects Chappelle and Monty Python in the most-topped show of any comedian at the Hollywood Bowl, reaching 70,000 fans from diverse backgrounds during its first Netflix show Is A Joke: The Festival. “

“We care deeply about the safety of our creators and vigorously defend the right of stand-up comedians to perform on stage without fear of violence,” Netflix said in its special statement.

The attack took place last night in a series of celebratory appearances for the comedian. Chappelle served on the festival’s opening night on April 28, giving three more sets—including on Tuesdays—before wrapping up his run. During all four nights of the show, attendees were asked to secure their phones at the entrance to the venue to avoid any possible recording. Festival-goers also had to pass through security devices and metal detectors.

Netflix Is a Joke is one of the biggest forays into live event programming, with the company’s first-ever comedy festival hosting over 250 events in Los Angeles between April 28 and May 8. Dodger Stadium, Evan and the Love Factory, the comedy festival features groups from some of the biggest names in the industry, including David Letterman, John Mulaney, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Ali Wong, Chelsea Handler, Pete Davidson and Hassan Curriculum.

May 5, 5:52 p.m. Misdemeanor charges update.

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